Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Random-ness today

Did You Get These Yet?

Get ready! I've been working on some really cute kits lately. Have you had a chance to purchase these popular kits yet?  All these kits are available at Scraps N PiecesMy Memories and Heritage Scrap.

And Releasing Soon.....  


Have you been following the issues Scraps N Pieces (and apparently GingerScraps too, I heard) have been having with hackers? I tell ya, it was a nightmare just sitting there as a designer, I can't even imagine what it was like to be the owner of those sites. I certainly don't envy them!

For SNP, it was not a malicious attack in that there was no real loss of data, other than a couple hours during the time the host was recovering and upgrading the site. HOWEVER, for members of SNP, it was malicious in that the hackers were looking for weak passwords. What they do is they grab the database of emails and passwords. Once they have that, they know that a lot of people use the same password for multiple sites. So they start trying to hack sites that use same the email and password that the members use at SNP. I know of 4 SNP members who had their Twitter accounts hacked immediately following the hack at SNP. Coincidence? Possibly, but I highly suspect it was related.

I have changed all my passwords (and wow what a headache that is!) and have gone so far as to have computer generated passwords on some of the more important sites like banking and such. I strongly suggest everybody does the same thing. If you are concerned about remembering all those passwords, there are reputable websites set up to keep track of them for you. The one I recommend is LastPass because A) it was recommended to me by my son who keeps up with internet security issues; B) it works; and C) it's FREEEEEEEEEE. It is also very highly encrypted and I feel that it's safe.

 Season of Change: 

It's Autumn! Can you believe that it's almost October?! The leaves are falling and changing colours; the weather is cool in the morning and evening yet warm in the daytime; the hours of daylight are getting shorter; the geese are flocking; and... there are no mosquitoes left! (yippee!)

But not only is this the season of change for the Earth, it is also a season of change for myself. I decided it was time to completely redo myself. So now, I have the shortest hair I've ever had and it's also darker than it's ever been. And I LOVE it! I've been losing weight -- 20 down, 20 to go. I have little positive quotes posted all over my office and have noticed a huge difference in my attitude.

Finally, TNS is holding a rare CT Call:

I am looking for some talented people to join my Creative Team

1. 4 LOs a month, Freebies will occasionally be required.  Commenting in TNS galleries is also required
2. LOs must be posted in a minimum of 4 galleries, including the galleries and social media of stores I sell at
3.  Participation in Scraps N Pieces forum, using TNS products
4. Blog using provided blog code, also posting in prominent social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter
5.  Responsible, self-motivated people who enjoy scrapping and want to keep it fun.

Email truenorthscraps @ gmail dot come with a short bio, CT experience (experience is not necessary however), other scrapping responsibilities, a link to your best gallery and a link to your blog and Facebook page.

1. Write blog posts for new releases, sales and a few pertinent announcements
2. Write a newsletter using MailChimp to be sent out twice a month
3. LOs are not required
4. You will be given access to all TNS new releases for your personal use

Email truenorthscraps @ gmail dot come with a short bio to apply

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