Monday, 2 March 2015

Tip-toeing Back to the Blog

Maybe I can sneak back without making a ruckus!


My last blog post was in July last year.  I can't believe it's been so long!  To bring you up to speed, I retired from designing my digital scrapbook kits because I had been throwing myself into my work for so long that my health was suffering.  Those 16 hour days in front of the computer, trying to achieve perfection for my wonderful clients to preserve their memories with, had caught up with me and I ended up in the Emergency Room.  That was my wake-up call to slow things down and take some time away.

A Quick Synopsis of the Last 6 Months

Six months later, I'm still taking it slower.  Between July and now, I made a few blank miniature scrapbooks** that I intend to sell eventually.  Some are about 6" x 6" and some are about 8" x 8".  They are beautiful and I'm proud of them, but they are certainly quite a change from digital scrapping!  Here's a couple (very bad!) photos of some of them while I was making them:

A page from my Christmas themed album

A couple pages from my beachy themed album

A few more pages from my flowery summery feminine themed album

I can't pick a favourite!  I've made a few other books too, but don't have any photos of them.  I haven't put them on sale yet just because I'm not quite ready to get back into the "rat race".  It's been nice to be able to work on them on my own schedule and be really fussy to keep them up to my high standards.

**I purchased tutorials from a lovely lady (SoMuchScrap) on Etsy to learn how to make the albums.  Her albums sell for as much as $250 each, plus shipping!  

Do Fairies Get Cabin Fever?

Changing gears...  I think that it's probably safe to say that pretty much the entire continent of North America has cabin fever and is tired of Winter.  I am no different.  I've been dreaming of starting a little miniature garden.  I have an old aquarium that I think will be a lovely habitat for some little fairy creatures.  My biggest problem is figuring out where the best place to put it because it will have to be indoors and once I set it up, that's where it's going to stay because of its size.  I'm quite excited to start making cute little houses and accessories to enhance the small plants I'm dreaming of planting.  Once the weather gets a bit nicer (ie. above -10C), I plan to go on a little (get it?  "little"... cuz it's miniature....  ah, I crack myself up) shopping spree for some tiny plants and a few small craft items I don't have so I can get started!

Right now I'm saving bread clips, thinking I could shingle a house with them.  Empty soup cans will make punched tin shutters.  I have a small flower pot full of bottle caps that will become a patio or path. Once the snow melts and I can find some twigs in the forest behind my house, I hope to make some tiny benches and fences.  I have so many other crafting supplies that I'm sure I will be able to cram my little garden full if I'm not careful!  It sounds like so much fun!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Look for my Bits N Pieces "Hush Little Baby" at SNP

The first half of 2014 is behind, and we are full-swing into summer.  July is a fun and exciting month in the United States as its Independence is celebrated throughout the country on the 4th.  The first of July is also a big day for Canadians, as we celebrate Canada Day.  In honor of these patriotic holidays, the designers at Scraps N Pieces have an awesome monthly collab.
Introducing This is My Country...
This month's CU Grab bag has gone metal, and is 25% off.
This month's Bits N Pieces' colors are so soft and pretty, and the participating designers rocked the color palette with such creative themes.  Remember, each piece is $1 each during the first week.  Grab some and be sure to participate in the monthly BnP challenge for forum points.
Have a couple hours free time?  Who does really?  But in case you do, be sure to jot down the July speed scrap dates.  Join in to complete a layout and earn a participation prize.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Super Saturday Sale and 50% off everything else at SNP

Summer vacation on Doctor's orders!  I've had a reality check recently.  It's no secret I've been having some health issues lately.  Earlier this month I spent the better part of 2 days in the ER and things got real.  I have had so many blood tests since then, and there's more in my future because they don't know what's wrong yet.  My Dr told me that it's time to stop working and to reduce my stress and activity for a couple months.

Since I won't be putting out anything new over the summer, I thought I'd give you a gift before I leave.  I hope you like it:

The coupon will work on everything in my store except Super Saturday Sale products today.

True North Scraps has some great deals in the Super Saturday Sale bin at Scraps N Pieces this week.  For all you that are doing P365/P52  projects there is a great bundle of quick pages and coordinating kit of embellishments to help make it faster and easier to keep up with.  Then there are two of True North Scraps Newest release in the sale this week, Je suis content and Beach Trip.  North Star Dawn has some Word art for you she made using Beach Trip down below the previews.

Project Life's Busy Bundle $1.00

 Je suis content $1.00

Beach Trip $3.00

Take a look at some of the great layouts the North Stars made using the kits in this weeks sale.

North Star Jennifer, Project Life's Busy Bundle

North Star Beth, Je suis content

North Star Robin, Beach Trip

You can grab this word art on Dawn 's Blog.  Have a great weekend and make sure you pop back in on Tuesday for our Flashback Tuesday kit.  Have a great weekend.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

It's SUPER SATURDAY again at Scraps-N-Pieces!


is in the sale this week (You do know that next Friday is Friday the 13th again right?  ... Perfect timing for your "lucky" or "unlucky" layouts!) There are 3 parts of this kit in the sale

KIT ($3.00)


WORDART ($1.00)
Here's a little inspiration from the NORTH STARS
and poki

poki extracted her wordart and cluster to create a freebie using 

Collect it on poki's blog

I'd like to play a little game with you!  Can you find the 10 differences between these two layouts I made?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Spring Up for $2 Tuesday

$2.00 Tuesday deal at Go Digital Scrapbooking is Spring up

It's been a long, hard Winter this year and I know we are all sick and tired of snow and cold weather.  I just had to make a kit suitable for those photos of the first green shoots peeking through the holes in the snow.  The bright yellow, orange and green color palette makes this such a cheerful kit. It's perfect for St Patrick's Day celebrations - look at that cute little shamrock smiling away in the preview. But this kit is suitable for any LO that needs a dose of sweetness.  I have an adorable lion and lamb, a happy little caterpillar and a robin ready to welcome Spring, as well as flowers, leaves, and an assortment of useful elements to make your pages perfect.  I made 24 papers and 56 elements as well as an alpha of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and Punctuation in two different color ways.

Spring up!  $2.00

Check out these layouts the True North Stars made using Spring Up!

North Star Dawn

North Star Jennifer

North Star Roknbear

North Star Lynn

North Star Marie

Friday, 16 May 2014

May Two Four and Super Saturday

It's the long weekend in May here in Canada.  A quick history lesson before we get to the sale details…  This is known as the Victoria Day long weekend, intended to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, May 24th.  She was the queen when Canada became a country rather than a colony of Britain.  Originally the holiday was celebrated on May 24th only, but eventually it was changed to the 3rd weekend of May, which is usually close to the 24th.

Now a little trivia…  in Canada, we use the slang term "two four" when we are talking about a case of beer (24 bottles in a case).  We also don't really give a hoot about Queen Victoria anymore because she died in 1901 and nobody from that time is alive anymore.  This weekend has become more known as the first weekend of summer.  Memo to Old Man Winter -- time to go!

Since the May long weekend was originally May 24th, and since it is the first weekend of summer, there is a lot of beer consumed.  So some smarty-pants came up with the idea of calling it May Two-Four.  That became one of the nicknames of this holiday.

That leads me to the sale - finally!

May Two Four Sale

Visit any of my stores listed below to find absolutely everything I've made is on sale for 24% off!

Super Saturday Sale at SNP

It's Saturday and True North Scraps has some great deals in this week sale bin at Scraps N Pieces Super Saturday Sale.  Remember the sale is for Saturday May 24th and below the previews North Star Beth has a freebie for you.  

Bohemianity Mini $1.00 

Retro Road Trip $3.00  

Lookin for Adventure $2.00

Here is some inspirational layouts from the North Stars.  

Bohemianity Mini 

North Star Debbie                                North Star Robin

Retro Road Trip

North Star Lynn                                    North Star poki

Lookin for Adventure

North Star Jennifer                          North Star Lynn


Jump on over to North Star Beth's Blog  She has a created a freebie for you using True North Scraps   Bohemianity Mini  and while your there let her know how you like her freebie.

Remember the sale ends at midnight so grab the savings while you can.   Make sure you check back next Saturday to see what will be on Sale. You never know when that one kit on the wish list is going to be in the Super Saturday Sale. Have a Wonderful Weekend.