Thursday, 15 October 2015

My big news!

If you have read the last couple of blog posts I've made, you know that Life has kicked me in the teeth more than a couple of times in the past few months.  However, I am not a person to lay down and take it.  I have been fighting back.  Lots of doctors appointments and physiotherapy appointments have been improving me physically.

I needed to do something positive and uplifting to help my mental health improve too.  Let's face it, you get a bunch of terrible things happening in your life and you start feeling sorry for yourself.  Even the most optimistic person in the world has to feel blue once in a while.  So I took it upon myself to do something I've been wanting to do for years, but never had the courage to try.  I decided the time was right to open an Etsy shop!  Introducing...

This is brand new.  I haven't even been open 24 hours yet!  So far, I have only 12 listings, but that number will grow quickly.  I am currently selling stickers for planners and calendars.  I plan to expand a bit and who knows, maybe even a few TNS kits might make their way into the shop after a while.  Right now, I have to concentrate my efforts on stickers though, but my down-the-road goals are expansion.  Let me know if you want to see TNS kits on Etsy, and if you do, which ones?

How about stickers?  Are you a person who likes to decorate their planner or calendar?  Do you want to see practical stickers, like reminders to clean the toilet or take out the trash?  Do you want decorative sets so you can decorate your planner by weekly themes like falling leaves or snowmen?  Please, let me know what YOU want to see!

I plan to set up a new blog for Dawna's Sticky Business and once I get it running, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd subscribe to it.  I'll keep you updated.

As always, thanks for reading, and woohoo!  I finally opened my Etsy shop!! (**grabs Bucket List and crosses "Etsy shop" off**)

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