Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New Shop, New Blog!

I've been working hard for the past couple of weeks to get my Etsy shop going. You wouldn't believe how full each day of my planner is with to-do lists and tasks I've accomplished! I'm quite proud of myself actually, for getting as far as I have in such a short time, especially considering Eunice has her own time table that I have no choice but to follow. For example, this afternoon at 5:00, Eunice told me that I needed a nap. I told Eunice, it was 5:00 and if I napped, I will be up until the middle of the night. Eunice told me she didn't care and put me to bed. Two hours later, I woke up. And sure enough, it's nearly midnight and I'm wide awake, working.

Anywhoozles. That's how it is now living with Eunice the Fibro-Monster. And I'm going to succeed despite it. So with that.... I'd like to introduce you to... my new blog!

Some of you may have observed a discrepancy...  isn't your Etsy shop called Dawna's Sticky Business?  Well, yes indeedy, that is the name I used when I started the shop.  I decided to change the name.  Why would I do that before I even get off the ground?  You see, Etsy doesn't allow spaces in the names of the shops.  A good friend pointed out to me that DawnasStickyBusiness could be misread by people (I'll save you the trouble of trying to figure it out:  Dawn Ass Ticky Business).  Now I don't know what Ass Ticking is or if it is even a "thing", but I certainly don't want people looking at my business name and getting the wrong idea.  I kind of like Stick With Dawna better anyway.  It seems like it's less about me, and more about you wanting to return to my business.  :)

As I build stock and inventory, I plan to post regularly with photos, maybe I'll write some fun little articles about crafts or something, and I may end up expanding StickWithDawna from sticky items to some of my other artistic endeavours like my paintings, my scrapbooks and my digi-kits.  That's all in the future at the moment because of course, a small business needs to concentrate on getting up and running first and worry about expansions later!

Check out my shop tomorrow.  I have a few new items to list tomorrow morning and they should be in the shop before noon (Central time).  

Subscribe to my new blog so you can keep up with my activity. It's the circle of life:  as one part of you grows, other parts of you get left behind.  I'm not saying that I'll ever leave True North Scraps because that is a permanent part of me, but TNS is going to be sitting on the bench for a while.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My big news!

If you have read the last couple of blog posts I've made, you know that Life has kicked me in the teeth more than a couple of times in the past few months.  However, I am not a person to lay down and take it.  I have been fighting back.  Lots of doctors appointments and physiotherapy appointments have been improving me physically.

I needed to do something positive and uplifting to help my mental health improve too.  Let's face it, you get a bunch of terrible things happening in your life and you start feeling sorry for yourself.  Even the most optimistic person in the world has to feel blue once in a while.  So I took it upon myself to do something I've been wanting to do for years, but never had the courage to try.  I decided the time was right to open an Etsy shop!  Introducing...

This is brand new.  I haven't even been open 24 hours yet!  So far, I have only 12 listings, but that number will grow quickly.  I am currently selling stickers for planners and calendars.  I plan to expand a bit and who knows, maybe even a few TNS kits might make their way into the shop after a while.  Right now, I have to concentrate my efforts on stickers though, but my down-the-road goals are expansion.  Let me know if you want to see TNS kits on Etsy, and if you do, which ones?

How about stickers?  Are you a person who likes to decorate their planner or calendar?  Do you want to see practical stickers, like reminders to clean the toilet or take out the trash?  Do you want decorative sets so you can decorate your planner by weekly themes like falling leaves or snowmen?  Please, let me know what YOU want to see!

I plan to set up a new blog for Dawna's Sticky Business and once I get it running, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd subscribe to it.  I'll keep you updated.

As always, thanks for reading, and woohoo!  I finally opened my Etsy shop!! (**grabs Bucket List and crosses "Etsy shop" off**)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Life gave me lemons, but I'm not in the mood for lemonade

I've been putting off making this post for a while.  I've just been through one of the roughest fortnights of my life, I think.  There's a good chance I've made it to the other side now -- hopefully I'm not jinxing myself by saying that!

Normally I'm a pretty cheerful chickie.  I understand Life has its ups and downs and that some days you are the bird and some days you are the statue.  I get all that and I generally embrace it because I know the bad days will give way to happier times in the future.  It's a cycle, the Circle of Life and ... well... blah blah blah.

However...  Two weeks ago, on September 22 the world screeched to a halt when it lost a very special man.  Even though it's been two weeks, I still can't believe he's gone.  My friend, Deputy Bill Myers from the Okaloosa Sheriff's Department in Florida was shot in the back and in the head multiple times by a despicable waste-of-space scumbag wife-beating coward.  After he was shot, Bill fought for his life for 6 hours, but he didn't make it.  I knew Bill very well.  He was a 20 year veteran of the USAF, who then went on to a second career in law enforcement.  He had decades of experience under his belt and he knew that every day he put on his uniform, he was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep somebody else safe.  He was kind; he was funny; he was gifted in many ways; he saved countless lives in daring rescues and with advice that altered the path other people took in their lives; he was tough when he had to be. He was a damn good man and I feel proud to have been able to call him my best friend.  As I watched his memorial service on YouTube, I was taken aback by how many peoples' lives he had touched; it seems everybody had a Bill story.  So now, the past 2 weeks have been filled with disbelief, mourning and memories of Bill.

Now, you'd think that'd be enough, but no...  Remember Eunice, AKA Whatever-Is-Wrong-With-Me?  On September 23 I had an appointment with a specialist to see if we could find out what Eunice's real name is.  Less than 24 hours after my very good friend was murdered, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Now, don't get me wrong -- I'm grateful to have the diagnosis.  Knowledge is power, yada yada yada.  But sheesh.  Timing is everything, y'know?  Although it's better than some of the things I was imagining Eunice could be, and it's not fatal, it's still a kick in the teeth.  Fibro is cruel.  It's completely unpredictable.  And I ended up in a monstrous Fibro Flare as a result of all the stress of the past 24 hours.

That was a tough time, let me tell you.  I know all the cliche's and uplifting things people say during times like this:  "God doesn't give you anything more than you can handle", "When God closes a door, He opens a window", "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on tight", "When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade".  Well, I'm not in the mood for lemonade or holding on to ropes.  What I want to do is channel my inner two-year-old and throw a first class temper tantrum at how unfair Life has been.  Instead, I remember something I heard Bill say probably 500 times to me, "Everything happens for a reason".  I don't know why he was murdered and I don't know the purpose for developing Fibromyalgia, but I have to trust that it's all part of a bigger plan and it's not my job to understand, it's just my job to go along with it.

I decided that I needed to leave the sadness behind.  I kept hearing Bill's voice telling me over and over that he didn't want me to be sad.  Well, he actually said it a bit differently, but it's not really appropriate language to use in a blog.  ;)  Hey, I said he was a good man, I didn't say he was perfect.  I know that as hard as it is to see the future when you are so busy remembering the past, you have to look forward.  There's a reason the windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror in your car.  It's ok to take the occasional glimpse backwards, but you have to direct your main focus ahead of you.  And that's why I thought that the time was finally right to take a leap.

I decided to do something I've been putting off for years.  I'm going to leave you with a bit of a cliff-hanger, because I'm not quite ready to make the announcement yet, but it's been a dream of mine since before I started designing digital scrapbooking supplies.  I just never was motivated enough or brave enough to go for it.  But now, with a new guardian angel watching over me, I think I'm ready to give it a shot.  I hope to be able to have a good news post within a couple of weeks!  (Depends on Eunice though)  I am currently making my goals, planning how to achieve those goals and getting down to the business of realizing them.  I've run into a bit of a glitch but I'm hoping that tonight I found a work-around to overcome that.

In the meantime, do me a favour, wouldja?  If you are tired of all the violence and horrific news, show support for the people who work hard and are willing to sacrifice absolutely everything to keep you and I safe.  Lights on for Deputy Bill Myers  Blue Lives Matter.  RIP William J Myers, EOW Sept 22, 2015.