Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Sale

Did everybody have a wonderful Christmas?  Despite remembering the anniversary of the death of somebody I loved very much, Christmas was good this year.  My husband gave me the best gift ever -- the gift of time with him.  He gave me a package of coupons he made for about 30 dates throughout next year!  Santa couldn't top that one!    

But now I have a gift for you:

I remember when Boxing Day was about giving to people who had less than you.  As a child we would choose an old toy or clothes, wrap it and take it to church where it was collected to be given to a needy family.  Today Boxing Day has become a day for steep discounts and door crasher sales.

I love the old fashioned charitable meaning behind the holiday, but I don't have any old toys or clothes to give to families in need.  I do however have the ability to offer a steep discount in my store.  So...

Save 60% off my entire store today only!  Happy Boxing Day!

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