Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Big Coupon Savings and Big Collabs!

The Mayan calendar begins over again on December 21. Some people say it's the end of the world; some say that this is just like us flipping the calendar to a new year. All I know for sure is that on December 20th, I'm going to party like there's no to-Maya! 

 Use this code to get the end of the world discount of 70% off until we are all safe and sound in the next b'ak'tun. 


 Code expires at 11:59 pm Dec 22 

Have you picked up the SNP December store collab yet?  This is one of my favourite ones I have participated in!  Look at the LO I made using it:

The bells are an extraction from a photo, not part of the kit, but see how the kit complements them so nicely?

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