Monday, 20 February 2012

Voting Time again!

It's that time already -- time to vote for me in the Designer Darling Challenge.  This was a little tougher challenge.  We had to scan or photograph 3 items and extract them.  Now extracting is no problem for me.  But the scanner wasn't cooperating and I am still learning how to take macro photos with my new camera.  And I had to have my submission in a couple days before the deadline because we went away on the weekend, so I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to have to perfect this one.  Long story short... this week was very challenging for me!  I still feel like I did well though.  What the judges were looking for was unique items (hey I didn't do flowers and ribbons like everybody else!), clarity, a clean extraction and useability, as well as an attractive preview.  From those points, I did quite well, don't you think?

You are also invited to download it if you would like: As per the rules of the challenge, the Link is in the Designer Darling post

Please vote for me, True North Scraps, at this link:  Click here to vote for me!  This week you only get ONE vote (!!) so make sure it is me.   Thank you.  :)

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