Saturday, 24 November 2012

Black Friday is over but it's still Sale Time!

Yep, that's right -- True North Scraps wants you to save some money this weekend.  I know this is such an expensive time of year, so I want to make things easy on you.

I hope everybody in America had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Did you get your fill of turkey and pumpkin pie?  And how many days are you going to be eating leftovers?  ;)

And how about Black Friday?  Are you one of the "crazy" people who are up at 2 am to be at the store when it opens?  Do you wait a little to go later in the afternoon after the door crasher specials are done? Or do you shop online, like I did?  I don't know about you, but I cleaned up!  My husband was pretty disappointed because he went to a store 30 minutes after it opened and all the door crasher specials were gone already.  He had gone there to get a Blackberry Playbook for only $44!  But I got a great deal because I sat at my computer and shopped.  Not only did I get quite a few digi scrap items at bargain prices, but I also got my husband's Christmas gift for a price so good, I almost expect police at my door saying I stole it!  LOL

If you missed out yesterday, you can still pick up some bargains.  Everything is 50% off in my store all the way through until Cyber Monday ends!  This includes my new releases, Holly Days, Li'l Black Dress Alpha and Five Shades of Grey!

I wanted to mention too, today is "Tie One On Day".  Nope, not the kind where you go on a bender and drink Saturday away.  This is all about aprons!  Such a crazy thing to have an entire day to recognize, but I love it when they trick you like that!

Have a great weekend, and happy shopping!

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